About US

Bharatiya Bhauuddeshiya Khadi And Gramodyog Shikshan Sanstha (BBKGSS) Chistur is Non-Government Organization working in the field of rural population to raise the economical status and the living standard of rural people through empowerment activities, resulting in higher incomes.

The main objective of the institute BBKGSS strongly subscribes to the knowledge situation in India today that raising income level of the poor, a disadvantaged group headed by farmers, can break the interlocking poverty web, especially among the rural people. BBKGSS envisions a systematic and well planned dynamic transformation of the living conditions of the poor, particularly the woman and farmer. Through a comprehensive programming of economic empowerment activity to be implement in rural area of the Vidarbha Region.

However the actual implementation of its programs could be stated during the year 1995. Before launching its programmes and activities, a benchmark survey of the selected villages was done to make a socio-economic appraisal and to understand the existing practices of the women and women farmers. This enabled the BBKGSSto identify the technological gaps and critical needs and requirements of the women and farmers. This formed the basis for framing operational modality like training, demonstration, workshop and exhibitions by the BBKGSS.

Training was giving villagers which are a core activity of the BBKGSS. Apart from conducting these trainings various innovative approaches were undertaken for providing the environment friendly packages to meet the women and farmers problem. An overwhelming response of the farmers to these ecofriendly practices later paved the way for forming various women and farmers groups and self help groups. This involvement of villagers in the dissemination of various development projects at faster rate.