Organic Farming Technology

Our organization implements the programme of Agricultural Department of Maharashtra Govt. regarding organic farming in 70 villages of Ashti, Arvi, Ksraja Block.

Organic Farming“Fertilizers”. Spoil the cultivation land due to the chemicals. So, the crops were burns without proper irrigation or supply of water. In these area irrigation facilities has not available. So, the farmers depend upon the rain. Now a days the cost of the fertilizers is very high and getting the crops very low. So, the margin between cost and profit is small. Therefore villagers become a poor. The organic farming Technology is the simple and available in and around the field. Our organization constructed the ten vermiculture pits and hand over to the villagers Our resource person guided them the importance of vermiculture preparation of vermiculture composed use of it, marketing etc. The awareness programme has been conducted in between the preparation of pits as well as expose the knowledge of organic farming through the visit to the beneficiaries in the various farm houses at the near by areas of Wardha District.