Future Plan

  1. Socio-economics development of the rural/urban, tribal and minority socially disadvantaged communities.
  2. To organize income generating activities for improving economic status of the poor.
  3. Capacity building of the women and under privileged sections of the society.
  4. Agriculture and watershed development activities to facilitate improved outputs of the agriculture.
  5. Try to avail the safe drinking water to the communities.
  6. Conservation and protection of the forest.
  7. To organize EDP’s for rural/urban, tribal and minority youths for self employment.
  8. To organize activities for empowerment of Panchayat Raj Institutions.
  9. To promote Organic and Biodynamic culture.
  10. Promotion and formation of SHG,s for economic betterment of rural/urban, tribal and minority economically weaker sections of the society.
  11. To organize trainings, workshops for promoting and developing local leadership.
  12. Confidence building among the local youths and capacity building of elected representatives of Panchayat, especially women, tribal / rural have-nots.
  13. Advocacy for the aged and handicapped and their rehabilitations.
  14. To promote watershed development activities.
  15. To make the rural poor and tribal communities aware about the various Govt. welfare schemes and activities for their development.
  16. To promote Health related activities especially mother and child care, HIV Aids, safe drinking water.
  17. To make beneficiaries aware about NREGP and other important programmes in the interest of the poor.
  18. To check child labour and human trafficking.
  19. Promote activities to check migration.
  20. To empower and build the capacities of CBO’s, Local mandals and SHG’s of the villages.
  21. To impart non-formal education and promote functional literacy.
  22. Vocational training for self-employment on forest produce and agro products available in the villages.