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For bringing in social transformation, the vulnerable and deprived community from the society must be given first priority”Mahatma Gandhi.

As per the views of Mahatma Gandhi ji, true India lives in its villages. Though ironically the villages and its inhabitants primarily dependant on agriculture and allied wage labor have been neglected a lot in the process of socio economic growth of the nation. Keeping this aspect into mind the founder members of the organization BBKGSS, thought for working with the rural community members for bringing them into the mainstream of national development and got them formally legally registered in order to serve more efficiently to the needs of the rural community & thus BBKGSS organization came into legal existence in 1995.

The organization aims to strengthen, coordinate and faci...

Our Future Plan

  • Socio-economics development of the rural/urban, tribal and minority socially disadvantaged communities.
  • To organize income generating activities for improving economic status of the poor.
  • Capacity building of the women and under privileged sections of the society.
  • Agriculture and watershed development activities to facilitate improved outputs of the agriculture.
  • Try to avail the safe drinking water to the communities.
  • Conservation and protection of the forest.
  • To organize EDP’s for rural/urban, tribal and minority youths for self employment.
  • To organize activities for empowerment of Panchayat...

What We Are Doing

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Agri allied business
  • Agriculture
  • Women Empowerment
  • Capacity Building

Experience in the field of Livestock development and agri allied business

For awareness on animal health and home care of animals by the farming community awareness camps and veterinary camps are held at Chandrapur, Wardha , Nagpur districts evry year since 2012. Read More...

Experience in the field of water and sanitation

Swachha Bharat Mission (ODF Verification program) - The project aims at verifying the cleanliness and sanitation status of respective villages and the functionality of the concerned GP and measures undertaken by it for ensuring total sanitation in the villages. Read More...

Experience in the field of Livelihood enhancement

Experience in the field of Livelihood Enhancement

Experience in the field of Women Empowerment and institution building

Experience in the field of Women Empowerment and institution building Read More...


Experience in the field of agriculture development

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