For bringing in social transformation, the vulnerable and deprived community from the society must be given first priority”Mahatma Gandhi.

As per the views of Mahatma Gandhi ji, true India lives in its villages. Though ironically the villages and its inhabitants primarily dependant on agriculture and allied wage labor have been neglected a lot in the process of socio economic growth of the nation. Keeping this aspect into mind the founder members of the organization BBKGSS, thought for working with the rural community members for bringing them into the mainstream of national development and got them formally legally registered in order to serve more efficiently to the needs of the rural community & thus BBKGSS organization came into legal existence in 1995.

The organization aims to strengthen, coordinate and facilitate the grass-roots level institutions with government support for integrated rural development of the rural masses. BBKGSS is a non-political, non-partisan, non-religious and not-for-profit development organization working for improving the quality of life of the socially and economically backward communities of India. The organization fully enjoys the confidence of donors, government officials at local, regional and state level and stakeholders. We are recognized at the regional level for empowering the rural community members through the outstanding works done in organic farming. The organization believes that to ameliorate the conditions of the poor, livelihood options must be made accessible to them for sustainable income generation.

BBKGSS has always believed in the principle of people’s empowerment and strived to organize the poor to ensure their stakes and participation in their personal development simultaneously leading to the organizational development. BBKGSS facilitate collective decision-making by people and encourage evolution of democratic leadership among the people leading to formation of people’s institutions and further the cause of development in that area.