Mission And Vision

Vision Statement –

Mainstreaming vulnerable and marginalized women, youths and farmers from rural, tribal, and urban slums through capacity-building programs for sustainable development.

Mission Statement –

Empowering tribal, Dalit, and socially/economically backward communities through democratic movements and capacity building. Focus on women, children, and marginalized farmers

Goal –

“Creation of self reliant villages in terms of education, health, livelihood and governance with emphasis on securing active participation of all stakeholders and gender equality in the process of development.”

Since its inception the organization has been striving for addressing the issue of livelihood and food security for the poor through introduction of various farming interventions and innovative agri. activities. As part of the endeavor for securing livelihood of the rural masses the organization has introduced systematic interventions such as formation and strengthening of SHGs and JLGs, their capacity buildings by imparting them with various trainings, Entrepreneurship development and marketing, building capacities of womenfolk’s for ensuring their active participation in local autonomous bodies and governance with the support of various funding agencies such as NABARD, CAPART etc through implementation of several programs like Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP), Livelihood Trainings in the capacity of Livelihood Resource Agency (LRA), Trainings on Organic farming etc. Till date the organization has formed numerous SHGs and JLGs in its area of operation.

The organizations works with the marginalized farmers from the region and have introduced systematic interventions in in-situ soil and water conservation, improved composting techniques, imparting trainings on bio fertilizers and pesticides, promotion of appropriate sustainable agricultural practices, farm field school, demonstration plots, establishment of community managed seed banks, grain banks, organic farming, NPM, IPM practices, introduction of LIESA techniques, improved farm implements and technologies ex. BBF etc have impacted favorably by increasing productivity and bolstering the incomes and livelihood of the communities. Certain interventions like establishment of kitchen gardens around homesteads have resulted in enhanced food and nutritional security.

Similarly the organization has done commendable work in the soil and water conservation sector and has implemented several programs/projects Hariyali, and IWMP etc in many areas. The organization has constructed several CNBs, Farm ponds, KT Weirs, CCTs, WAT, deepening of nala, percolation tank etc for ensuring soil and water conservation in the region.

The organization is engaged in implementing activities aimed at making agriculture a profitable and sustainable venture through implementation of systematic interventions in the field of soil and water conservation, cropping pattern and increase in household income through agri. allied activities. The ultimate aim for implementing such activities/programs is to address the prevailing agrarian crises and distress like situation and halt the farmer’s suicides from the region.