Credibility / achievements of organization

  • The organization has been selected as Project Training Organization (PTO) by Vasundhara through which the capacities of the Watershed community, stakeholders, CBOs, UGs, SHGs are being built

  • The organization is also selected as “Livelihood Resource Agency” (LRA) by State Level Nodal Agency VASUNDHARA for imparting trainings on livelihood enhancement to SHGs, women groups and youths from the project area.

  • The organization is recognized at the State level for its outstanding work done in dissemination of knowledge on organic farming, through innovative techniques like LEISA, NPM, IPM and low cost farming equipments.


Awards/Recognition received by the NGO/Trustee:

  1. The President of BBKGSS has been appointed as President of CNRI, Wardha Maharashtra Chapter

  2. The President of BBKGSS has been selected as President of NGO Federation, Wardha

  3. The organization is member of YASHADA and AFARM

  4. The organization CARE certification Pvt Ltd, along with IAF, NACI and CCPL had carried out evaluation of the BBKGSS and had issued Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Award to organization.