1. To provide all type of help to community for rise of status of the community in respect of ethically, social and educational.
  2. Objective
  3. To organize the youth of rural and urban area for awareness on emotional integration.
  4. To celebrate the national and religious festival for organize the people as well as aware them about respect of others and celebrate the birth anniversaries of national leaders.
  5. To establish and run the educational institution of rural and urban area’s people to solve the problem of education. ( i.e. To establish and run the crèche centre, primary school, middle school, college, technical college, medical college, agriculture college, diploma and degree college, girls school, teacher school, MSW college, BSW college, B P. Ed. Drawing school, convent )
  6. To establish and run the adult literacy centre for literate to rural and urban area’s people as well as music singing school and library for them.
  7. To organize the cultural programme.
  8. To organize the Govt. affiliated sports competition i.e. Cricket, Kabaddi, Holley ball, Kho - Kho, Swimming, Carrom, Football as well as provide training to them.
  9. To motivate to the youth of rural and urban for donate the blood. To establish and run the primary health centre, hospital, nursing home, medicine bank, Eye Bank, Blood bank.
  10. To establish and run physical fitness centre. To organize exhibition, lectures, debates, seminar and various competition to organize free educational tour.
  11. To establish and run the training centre of cottage industry, rural industry, small scale industry.
  12. To spread and propaganda about organic farming. To implement the project of agriculture department regarding organic farming.
  13. To develop the watershed development and implement the schemes offorest department for environment.
  14. To provides the latest formation to the farmers regarding use of modern technology in the field of agriculture.
  15. To organize and implement the agriculture exhibition, training on various places.
  16. To provide the self employment. To educated unemployed as well as to establish and run training centre of various commissions.
  17. To implement the schemes of central Govt., State Govt. i.e. Scheme for destitute, adoption and MAHER.
  18. To spread the schemes under the Khadi Gramodhyog Commission at rural, urban and semi urban areas as well as to start the training centre to spread and propaganda the scheme of the Khadi Gramodhyog Commission to rural based people.
  19. To implement the scheme of social welfare department i.e. Adult education Centre, Nutrition Scheme, crèche centre, Centre of National Literacy mission, Child Survival.
  20. To establish and run the educational institute for Physically handicapped, Mentally retarded boys and girls as well as help them as per need.
  21. To help the person those are victim of natural climate. To help and distribute the books, uniform and scholarship to the students.
  22. To establish and run tailoring, typing training centre for backward classes people, boys, girls, cottage and small scale industries for adult women.
  23. To establish and run the residential school, old age home, hostel for solving the problems of the backward community.